Our Team

Here to Help

Our creative team is here to help your publishing dreams come to life. Each member of Integrity Publishing is dedicated to producing the finest work possible – work that is designed to make a lasting impact – intentional in purpose and design.

We understand what it takes to complete a manuscript and the desire to hold the realized dream in your hands. Our team knows how to make the most of your message and craft it concisely to connect with your readers. We work with you to perfect your final product and every well-thought-out detail.

Your success is our success! We are dedicated to helping our authors create content that inspires and encourages their readers to grow in their relationship with God and impact their world. We will do what it takes to help you create intentional impact with your book!

Meet The Team

Holly Murray

Holly is a fierce proponent of the power of words. She is dedicated to finding the right words to concisely convey the author’s intent while helping them maintain their personal voice. Her desire is to guide authors along on their publishing journey and help them reach their target audience while producing a book of the highest quality. Holly partners with her authors to create content that makes an impact for the Kingdom of God. She is married to Keith and they have two sons.

Sara McGee

Sara has great passion for creativity! Her love for detail overflows in her work and her own creative projects. She strives to do all things in life as if she were doing them for God. She’s found that keeping her focus on doing her best work is the only way to truly understand any type of work, idea, or expression. She is endlessly supported by her husband and two amazing children who remind her that the world is full of limitless possibilities. 

Carolynn Collins

Carolynn has years of experience in graphic design, marketing, and creative arts. She has an eye for balance, color, and current trends in design and marketing. Her gift in listening to what an author envisions for their cover design and bringing that vision to life makes her a particular asset to our team.  

Keith Murray

Keith has owned and operated his own insurance company, Integrity Senior Solutions, for more than 20 years. He is married to Holly and together they have two sons. He is adept at building and maintaining professional websites, and is proficient in using SEO and other technologies to market to a wider audience.