Editing Services

Imagine Holding Your Book . . .

You want your book to be the best representation of your thoughts. Your voice needs to shine. You desire your book to impact the lives of others. You want your words polished, unforgettable.

We do, too.

This is why every book published with Integrity Publishing goes through several layers of editing. Editing takes time and can be quite costly. We work with our authors to keep those costs down by providing opportunities for manuscripts to be revised throughout the editing process.

The initial manuscript review gives authors a first-look at their manuscript’s potential. It provides editing for the first five pages with notes on what works well and adjustments the author can make on future pages. This is particularly beneficial for authors who are new to the publishing process.

Editing costs vary based on the length of the manuscript and the quality of the writing. The Integrity Publishing team wants to give every author the best possible experience. We do not charge by-the-hour, but instead on a per-word basis so that authors can know exactly what to expect. Nearly every manuscript (unless previously professionally edited) will require several layers of editing. Integrity Publishing can help self-published authors edit their work even if they choose not to publish under our imprint. We are here to help provide the services you need, and nothing you don’t.

See the chart below for the types of editing our team provides to help your book make the greatest possible impact.


Editing Levels and Pricing

Content Edit

A content edit adds things that were left out of your writing, including citations to avoid plagiarism. A content editor checks for Scripture use, active/passive voice, story flow, and the hooks used to catch and hold your reader. They help develop pull-out/sticky statements to create impact. A content editor rewrites and reorganizes sections of content as needed. 

Content editing fees are based on the manuscript’s word count. Price is .08/word.

Copy Edit

Copy editing improves style and accuracy for a clear, concise manuscript. A copy editor checks grammar, spelling, and punctuation. They check subject/verb agreement, capitalization, quotation accuracy, and for typographical errors.

Copy editing fees are based on the manuscript’s word count. Price is .049/word.


Proofreading is an extra-light edit of the final manuscript after the author has made revisions or the editors have completed a content or copy edit. It is designed to make sure the reader has a good experience with your work. It rids a manuscript of cosmetic errors.

Proofreading fees are based on the manuscript’s word count. Price is .022/word.

Cold Read

A cold read is a read-through of a manuscript after revisions from proofreading. It is a read-through of the final manuscript to check for any errors a reader may notice, using a paper copy. This is usually completed with fresh eyes.

Cold read fees are based on the manuscript’s word count plus the cost of printing.

Price is .02/word plus local printing costs.

Printing costs are approximately .30/page