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Step 1

If you have a completed manuscript, submit it for review. Click here for submission guidelines. Your manuscript will be kept confidential, and you retain all rights to your work.

Receiving a review commits neither you nor Integrity Publishing to publish your work with IP. Read Integrity Publishing’s Statement of Faith and the stance on difficult issues to be aware of the type of acceptable material to receive Integrity Publishing’s imprint or have an Initial Manuscript Review completed.

With this submission, an editor will read at least the first five pages of your manuscript to see if the content would be something Integrity Publishing would publish. If it is not a good fit, there is no charge, nor are any comments or edits returned to the author.

If the manuscript is accepted for the Intial Manuscript Review, you will receive a full edit of the first five pages of your manuscript (approximate word count 1,250). Your editor will make notes on strengths and areas where improvement is needed. This required review will help the author and Integrity Publishing feel assured that the relationship is a good fit. The author will also receive an estimated cost for editing based on the quality of the manuscript.

 If accepted for review, we will send a link to receive the $75 fee before proceeding and include the date you can expect the return of your reviewed manuscript. Please allow 5-7 business days for the completion of the review.

Step 2

Once you receive your initial manuscript review, please look through the editor’s suggestions. If you feel Integrity Publishing is the right company with which to publish your book, contact us and we will get started!

You will need to choose which publishing package you prefer. You can find a list of our packages on our website. Alternatively, you may request us to email the list to you.

If you need any help deciding which package is best for you, simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you in making the best possible decision. 

Step 3

At Integrity Publishing, we work with you throughout the editing and publish process. This includes spacing out payments to benefit our authors. 

Once you decide to have your work published with Integrity, we will send you a contract. Please read it carefully, sign, and return to us. It protects your rights and clearly documents what you can expect from our company.

On the contract signing date, you can expect to pay 50% of your publishing fee and 40% of editing fee. About midway through the editing process, you can expect to pay 40% of your publishing fee and 30% of your editing fee. On the publication date, you can expect to pay the remaining 10% of your publishing fee and 30% of your editing fee. Your contract will have your individualized numbers to make it very easy to understand.

Integrity Publishing may offer refunds of any uncompleted work. The details will be listed in your contract. We want you to feel confident in your decision to let Integrity Publishing help your dream become a reality.

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