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Our vision is to help you create intentional impact.

Integrity Publishing was founded to weave traditional standards into a more personalized approach to Christian publishing. The dream was birthed in 2019 from a desire to help authors produce high quality books without giving up their rights and profits. Here at IP, we are excited to help you along on your publishing journey without looking self-published. Creating content that inspires is your job. Honing it to excellence is ours.

The gifted editors and designers at Integrity Publishing work hard at crafting your story in a way that allows your audience to get the most from your words without losing your voice. We understand the power of words and we want to help you make the biggest impact possible for the Kingdom of God. 

Our services offer a personal touch, and your work is never handed off to another company to do our work for us. At Integrity Publishing, you can trust that your rights are in the right hands. We give you the help you need, and nothing that you don’t. Whether it is formatting, editing, cover design, or story development, we work with you to publish books of which you can be proud.

The most important thing we can do is impact others for Christ. That is the heart behind the Integrity Publishing vision. Your story matters. It holds the capacity to change lives, but only if it is shared. Don’t wait! Let Integrity Publishing help you make intentional impact.


*Please read submission guidelines, Statement of Faith, and Our Stance on Difficult Issues located on the Our Beliefs page before submitting a manuscript for review.

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About our Founder

Holly Murray holds a Bachelor of Arts in education and a Master’s in educational technology. She taught school in both public and private settings. Shortly after her eldest was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer, she left the classroom and returned home to school her children and care for her family full time. 

God healed her son, and Holly wrote a book about many of the faith lessons and miracles God performed. The book was titled Believing for a Miracle and released September of 2017.  In 2018, she helped author Paula Lambert publish her first devotional, This Season of Hope, and attended the She Speaks Conference for the first time. There she learned that she was just one of many women who had the desire to write and improve their skills so that a greater impact could be made with their God-given stories.

The next year, Holly helped publish five other books, nine journals, and attended her second She Speaks Conference. She started a small group at her church to help writers on their journey to publishing. Holly never planned to write or help others publish, but God planned it and planted the dream in her heart to help share His goodness with others through the written word. Zechariah 4:10a says, “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin” (NLT). Holly was thrilled to step into this calling and still trusts God to help her do all He has called her to do. It is that same mantra that she uses as she cheers others forward, and she knows God will be there – just as He has been with her through every journey.     

What Others are Saying . . .

“Holly Murray is a consummate professional who has a passion for pushing people up. With Holly as your editor, you will know what to expect in the editing process upfront and she can help shape your work into the most impactful work that it can be. She will do much more than spell checks and sentence structure correction. Once your work is submitted, she will cheer you on through the entire process. She is knowledgeable about the publication journey and can point you in the right direction depending on your desired outcome. You will be represented in the best possible way on paper and your work will be a gift that you can be proud to release to the world. Her work will give you the peace of mind that you will need to keep going in the writing process. You can trust your writing in the hands of Integrity Publishing.”

– Paula Lambert, Author of “This Season of Hope” and “This Season of Freedom

“Holly is an editor extraordinaire! She is not only an exceptional editor, but she’s an exceptional person as well! Those two qualities go hand in hand when you’re needing strong editing skills aligned with scriptural knowledge and  maturity. I’ve called upon Holly numerous times to edit my writing, seeking an editor who understands my audience of Christian readers. I love how she moves things around creatively to make my stories flow, yet keeps my writing true to its original intent and voice.   Her love for the craft is contagious. I learn something from Holly each time I work alongside her. I will continue to use Holly as I work on my blog and my book proposal.” 

– Julie Graybill, Blogger at www.juliegraybill.com

“Holly Murray has edited and published two of my books. She is one who takes writing and publishing very seriously. Holly is into the details. She makes sure that the layout is appealing to the reader. She goes the extra mile from start to finish to ensure you have a book that is of excellent quality.”

– Rhonda Matthews, Lead Pastor, New Life Church, Augusta, GA

Author of “Prayer, A Holy Occupation”, “The Person of the Holy Spirit“, and “Empowered

“Holly is extremely passionate about writing. She is devoted and committed to helping writers, and has an eye for detail.
She is a gifted writer and editor, and explodes with creativity. She has led a group of eager writers, cheering them on in their projects from start to finish. Holly is extremely personable and easy to work with, and I highly recommend the experience you will get working with her.

-Amy Maxwell, Executive Pastor, New Life Church, Augusta, GA

Co-Author of “Living My New Life

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*Please read submission guidelines, Statement of Faith, and Our Stance on Difficult Issues located on the Our Beliefs page before submitting a manuscript for review.